Pro Grade

  • LMC-1GH
    PRO-GRADE Series LMC-1GH Series Lapel Microphone with SWIVEL (we call G-Hook) Earpiece that can be used on either ear and is easy to clean and use.
  • LMC-1AT
    PRO-GRADE Series LMC-1AT Series Economically Priced, Acoustic Tube, Surveillance Kit with Clear tube earphone, rugged PTT and stainless steel hardware.
  • LMC-1EH
    PRO-GRADE Series - LMC-1EH Series Lapel Microphone with Earhook Speaker like the RESPONDER Series but more economically priced.
  • LMC-1DR
    PRO-GRADE Series LMC-1DR Series Lapel Microphone with D Ring Earpiece that can be used on either ear.