Amateur Radio

Technology savvy amateur radio operators are usually on the leading edge of two-way radio communications innovation. However, many hams are also budget-conscious, since the cost of any radio equipment they buy comes directly out of their own pockets. To satisfy both these requirements, amateur radio equipment has to both have top-of-the-line features and be affordable.

An audio accessory containing an earphone and/or microphone can make ham radio communications easy and fun, no matter what form it takes:

  • Rag chews
  • Disaster preparedness
  • Search and rescue
  • Storm spotting
  • Health and welfare
  • Nets and check-ins
  • Public service
  • Fire spotting
  • Special events

PRYME has been making equipment for amateur radio use since the company was founded, over twenty years ago. That tradition continues today with lots of innovative products that won’t break the bank, including antennas for VHF and UHF handheld radios, awesome-sounding speaker microphones, lapel microphones, and listen-only earphones. Whether you are passing health-and-welfare traffic or just chatting with old friends, our products help you get the message out.