In the hospitality industry, your most important job is to help your guests relax. Using two-way radios to keep your staff connected to each other helps ensure that the needs of every guest are being communicated and met. However, an open speaker can also allow guests to overhear information about back-of-the-house concerns and potentially jeopardize their privacy.

When outfitting staff with radios, you should keep in mind which types of employees would benefit from the use of audio accessories that contain earphones:

  • Front desk
  • Resort management
  • Security
  • Housekeeping
  • Maintenance and janitorial
  • Valets
  • Porters
  • Restaurant/bar staff

PRYME audio accessories with earphones help keep your internal radio communications private. Guests are unable to hear incoming calls on the two-way radios used by your staff because the radio's internal speaker is muted when the earphone is connected. Our hospitality-specific products are also designed to be lightweight, stylish, and comfortable to wear, since the earphones are only effective if your staff will actually wear and use them. We help you protect the privacy of your guests and maintain decorum at all times.